MODcrete Concrete Fencing Manufacturers

Our Precast concrete fencing is used to create a beautiful perimeter wall at a great price.

Why choose a Precast concrete fence? - It looks good, it’s priced right, and it’s essentially maintenance free.

More importantly, existing wall repairs to Precast fences can be conducted quickly without high labour bills, simply by replacement of the required damaged components.

Choose Your Panel Type


A Smooth panel wall is ideal to create a security barrier for sensitive sites. Ideal for walls that are out of the way, or walls that you wish to paint to match existing building structures.


A Louvre panel is similar to the Smooth Walls. Used to complement specific architectural details or simply to create a security barrier for sensitive sites.


Big Block panels have a large block pattern. The wide block smooth finish texture contributes to the naturally authentic look of this fence. This fence is ideal for most aesthetic requirements, especially architectural styles that incorporate large, bold rectangular shapes.


The Rustic panel provides the classic visual impact of brick in an affordable product that has unlimited longevity. The details closely resemble real bricks. The pattern and texture is an excellent match for existing brick structures, and can be painted to match.

This panel is available as both single or duel sided.

This is our most popular fence and compliments any landscape.


Wall enhancers / Tops and Bottoms can be used  as pattern add-ins to custom finish to your Precast Wall. These products conform to the same quality and manufacturing processes as used for the main panel types.

Tops are used as decorative touches whist bottoms are used as water drainage where needed.

  • Rustic Picket Top
  • Classical
  • Diamond Top